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What is tsp.koopid.ak/epass? Many people don’t know so here in this article we shared detail information like how to apply for tnepass, online application for migrant workers, etc. Telangana Police has decided to issue e-passes to migrant workers, students and others stranded in the state to give them a big relief.

On Saturday, Director General of Police M Mahendra Reddy said that those who are stranded in Telangana due to the lockout and want to go home in other states can apply for e-pass by submitting the required information at https://tsp.koopid.ak/epass . After proper verification, the pass e-pass will be sent to the applicant, who can proceed.

TSP Koopid ai epass Telangana

The development comes three days after the Union Home Ministry issued guidelines allowing inter-state movement of interstate tourists, pilgrims, students, migrant workers and others. It asked all the states and union territories to appoint a nodal authority and develop a standard protocol for receiving and sending trapped people, to investigate them. For more information you can check or visit tsp.koopid.ak/epass website.

Meanwhile, unrest was witnessed among some migrant laborers working at a construction site in Telpur under the RC Puram police station of the Cyberabad commissioner. The laborers were annoyed by the lack of hygiene and the proper measures for their investment. He refused to stay in the state and police rushed to the scene to calm him down. Primarily the laborers were protesting against being left in the movement by their employers, as none of them were being paid. They are from other states so he tried to persuade the police to let them go, but in the end he was persuaded by the central and state authorities to send back all the trapped migrants.

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The Telangana Police Department had brought ‘EPAS’ for the migrant workers trapped in the state of Telangana and ready to return to their homeland in the event of a lockout of COVID19. The Telangana Police Department has developed a new ‘Digital Pass Management System’ which is being facilitated through the online website https://tsp.koopid.ak/epass. Migrant workers, tourists, students and others trapped on this portal can submit online registration forms.

The TSP ePas registration facility is open only to those migrant workers / laborers who are willing to move from Telangana to their home state. On the other hand, registration facilities for bringing back Telangana are not yet active. Information about e-pass provided by DGP Telangana Police Twitter handle. Read the entire content of this page so you don’t miss even the smallest details of this campaign.

More than 7000 applications have been approved to travel to other states and about 10,000 people are on the waiting list.

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